Vintage CaravansWelcome to, the original Australian website on the subject of Australian built pre 1970 caravans and teardrop trailers. has been on the World Wide Web since August 2002, and has been the catalyst that has driven the Australian hobby of pre 1970 caravans, or better known as vintage caravans, to where the hobby is today.

The hobby has experienced amazing growth, with many people in the old car movement catching onto the idea that its cool, or trendy, or just alot of fun to find an old caravan to tow with their classic or vintage car.

Not only people with old cars have taken an interest in old caravans, many website members have an interest in old caravans only, and will happily restore and tow them to events with their modern car.

The hobby has bought smiles and joy to many many people, and challenges to many people, with old caravan restoration projects happening all over Australia.

Gatherings of “vintage vanners”, as we now term them, are happening in most states, with groups of vintage vanners taking their old caravans on weekends away, or week long touring holidays. is not so much a technical website, but an informative and social website, continually driving the hobby of old caravans. is not a club as such, but is a website that brings together a network of people with a common interest, and drives the enjoyment of the hobby.

On our discussion forum, it’s very common for members to post pictures of their restoration projects, thus allowing other members to input as the resto progresses.

The website is a great ‘medium’ for such projects.

Also very popular on the forum is pics of vintage caravan touring. Our “runs & events” section refers.

Three Most Common Construction Types

Our beloved old caravans come in three basic external build materials, bondwood (ply), aluminium and fibreglass. Our forum has much conjecture about what material is best, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and our members have their preferences. It would be a dull world if they didn’t !!

Vintage caravans form a large part of Australia’s road touring history. These were the days before overseas travel was as common as it is today, and the days where air travel was very expensive, and air travel was predominately a means of travel for business people, or the wealthy.

Basic History

The early Australian designed and manufactured caravans were built to a basic, but functional standard, and the quality of workmanship in the most cases was exceptional, as the caravan industry mostly employed skilled & master tradesman. Mass production methods for Australian caravans were decades away.

The freedom of buying or hiring a caravan, hooking it to one’s car, then touring & exploring Australia’s vast continent was appealing and affordable to many Australian families, hence from the early 1930’s days of Australian caravan manufacture through to the 1960’s the caravan industry was a thriving & bustling industry.

Initially camping areas, then Caravan Parks were springing up at popular tourist locations, as well as towns along major tourist routes, making caravanning an enjoyable holiday pastime.

My interest in old caravans started in 1996, and at that time I wanted to research and learn more about early Australian caravans, however there was very little material or information available, and locating old surviving caravans from the decades of 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s was near impossible. My interest stemmed from their unique round aerodynamically friendly shape, and classic look as something distinguishable from the past, and how good they would look matched to the old cars that I have loved for many years.

Launch of

1996 was also the year in which I discovered the whole new world of the internet, and the amazing benefits that this relatively new technology would bring to the world.

I was heavily involved in classic cars at the time. None of the popular vintage / classic car magazines of the day mentioned anything about caravans, however many of the classic cars featured in these magazines were popular cars for caravanning in the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s.

Over the ensuing few years, discussions re old caravans with people in the old car industry revealed that there was little ,if any interest in these old touring mobile homes of the past.

Something had to be done, and that I did.

2002 saw the launch of my website ‘’ a website that triggered a new found interest in old caravans, and started what has been an amazing journey for myself and many others as we set about not only locating many of these old caravans, but also extensively researching the history of them. To this end, the internet has been a fantastic tool. Our discussion forum was attached to the website in 2004, and 2004 was the inaugural ‘’ event, a convoy of old cars with vintage caravans in tow travelling to Harvey in Western Australia for a weekend away.

Harvey Run – Our First Outing Together

Vintage Caravans Forum

The Vintage Caravans forum is dedicated to the subject of pre 1970 (to 31/12/69) caravans in Australia. The discussion forum now has over 1000 members, and is an exceptionally active forum with in excess of 1000 people per day viewing various sections of the forum. The forum is the ‘medium’ that drives the hobby of old caravans in Australia. has been dedicated to preserving Australia’s Touring Heritage since 2002. The purpose of the forum is to:

  • Communicate with other early caravan enthusiasts
  • View the restoration projects of others
  • Identify the features of the various makes of caravans
  • Gather information on the whereabouts of pre 1970 caravans to assist interested people in locating them for a prospective purchase


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